How long does Nexsey stay on your neck?

Each strip of tape is designed for one-time use.  Nexsey works best for about 4-6 hours.  Although the tape can last for up to 8 hours (depending on various factors unique to each user), it can become loose after significant time has passed.  Sometimes Nexsey can be retightened if your neck is dry.  If you know you will be out all day, you might also consider cutting an extra piece and bringing it with you on the go!

Caution: If you are in extremely humid conditions, or tend to perspire heavily, the tape may not be as effective or stick as well.  For best results, the neck should be completely dry, oil free, and residue free before applying Nexsey.


Will Nexsey hurt, since it pulls on the skin?

If applied and removed carefully, Nexsey should not hurt.  The tape should never be pulled so tight that it hurts.  It is also important to use caution when removing the tape.  If you follow the directions and remove the tape with moisture or lotion, and pull slowly and carefully, this will reduce any potential discomfort.  NEVER just pull or rip Nexsey off, as this could pull out hair and/or damage your skin.  Nexsey is designed to stick securely for several hours, so careful removal is very important.


Will Nexsey leave a sticky residue?

Yes, because Nexsey is a tape, it can sometimes leave residue.  After careful removal, use your favorite cleansing lotion to remove any sticky areas.


What if I do not have a thin neck?  Will Nexsey work if I have a lot skin on my neck?

Nexsey works best on loose skin.  It is designed to work on necks of all sizes, because the user can cut the tape to the size that best suits the user’s neck.   Sometimes applying more than one strip (one above the other) can help.  You may have to experiment to see what works best for you.


Can people with shorter hair use Nexsey?

It depends on how short your hair is and how you style it.  Your hair would need to be long enough to cover the strip and allow for normal movement of your hair.  You may also be able to use a combination of hair and a high collar to hide the tape, depending on your tape placement.


Can I hurt myself if I put Nexsey on incorrectly?

Applying Nexsey too tightly may cause discomfort or pain.  Never pull the tape so tight that it feels uncomfortable.  You should be comfortable with the tape on your neck and should be able to move your head as normal.  If you need to readjust the tape at any point, do so slowly and carefully so as not to pull your skin.   Never rip or tear Nexsey off.  Further, when applying Nexsey, be sure to make sure all loose strands of hair are pulled up so that your hair does not get stuck to the tape. It is very important to follow all directions and use as instructed. 


Should I shave before applying Nexsey?

In most cases, shaving is not necessary.  However, if you have a very low hairline or significant amounts of hair where the tape will be positioned, shaving may help reduce discomfort when removing the tape.  However, this is a personal decision for the user to make.  If you choose to shave before applying Nexsey, we recommend waiting at least six hours after shaving to apply Nexsey, as the skin may be sensitive, and the tape may be less effective due to any left over residue from products used while shaving.


Is there a proper way to remove Nexsey?

Yes, it is very important to follow all directions and remove the tape with moisture or lotion, and do so slowly and carefully.  NEVER just pull or rip Nexsey off, as this could pull out hair and/or damage your skin.  Nexsey is designed to stick securely for several hours, so careful removal is very important.


Will using Nexsey for a long period of time have adverse side effects, like stretching the skin and creating more loose skin?

If used properly, Nexsey should only be used to gather excess skin that is already loose on your neck.  Never pull the tape so tightly that you are stretching or pulling your skin, as this could create additional loose skin under your neck. 

Tip:  Neck exercises may also help tighten up the neck area.


Can I use Nexsey every day?

Yes, you can use Nexsey as often as you like.  The important thing to remember is if your neck is irritated from overuse, stop using Nexsey and do not use it again until your neck is healed.  Should the irritation continue, stop using Nexsey altogether.


I have a latex allergy.  Can I still use Nexsey?

Yes, Nexsey does not have any latex.  However, if you have allergies to other bandage-type materials or tapes, then you should not use Nexsey.  If you are uncertain whether you are allergic to Nexsey, please check with a doctor before using this product.


I have really sensitive skin.  Can I still use Nexsey?

If you are allergic to the tape or show any signs of irritation or rash, you should not use Nexsey.  If you have concerns about using this product, please check with your doctor before use.   With very sensitive skin, the removal of the tape is even more important.  Please remove the tape with moisture or lotion, and carefully take it off slowly.


I live in a really humid climate.  Will Nexsey still work for me?

Because Nexsey works best on clean, dry skin, heavy perspiration and excess moisture from humidity will cause the tape to not stick effectively.  If you live in a humid climate, you may find that the tape works better during cooler months than it does during summer months.