Before you begin...

Caution: Nexsey is a patent pending medical tape. If you have known allergies to tape or bandages of any kind, do not use this product.


Determine the length you will need and pre-cut your strip. 4-6 inches is a good length to start with depending on your neck size.  The strip should be long enough to fit on the back of your neck so it is not seen. It should be able to hide behind your hair or collar.

  1. Secure your hair up off the back of your neck, be sure to get all the strands so it does not get caught on your tape.
  2. Make sure the back of your neck is clean, free of lotions, oil and perspiration. Dry thoroughly. This is one of the most important things to remember. Even your hair conditioner can leave residual on your neck causing your Nexsey strip not to must be thoroughly clean and dry. 
  3. Determine the area of your neck where you would like to start the tape. 
  4. Remove the backing and carefully hold the tape flat so it does not stick to itself.
  5. Carefully place one end of the tape to the left (or right) side of your neck, pull very slightly, with excess skin being gathered under the tape and secure the remainder of the tape.
  6. Hold in place for about a minute while gently moving your neck to make sure it holds in place.
  7. Let your hair down or allow collar to cover tape, as applicable.
  8. When you are ready to remove the strip, use lotion, oil or water to help remove the tape and adhesive. The tape is designed to stick firmly and removing it quickly or by just pulling it off without moisture may hurt. Please remove tape, gently, slowly and carefully using moisture.


Additional Tips:

Should the strip loosen, you can gently take one side, and pulling it gently, tighten up the neck area again and press it back into place. Hold it firmly for about 30 seconds until it is in place.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can use more than one strip. Place one higher for the upper neck and jaw area and one below it for the lower area of the neck.

If you are in extremely humid conditions, or tend to perspire heavily, and have trouble with the tape sticking, do not fully remove the whole strip. You can just dry your neck thoroughly where the tape has loosened, reapply and hold firmly for a few seconds until it sticks. Should the tape have become too wet and not re-stick you may need to carry a back-up strip in your purse. Always make sure you completely dry your neck prior to applying or reapplying your strip.